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     Studio Policies


You are responsible for making sure that your child adheres to our studio rules and policies.  Please make sure your child is aware of them and follows them.  Dance is a fun but disciplined and structured extracurricular activity.  We have the right to enforce all policies.

      Emails:  You will receive frequent informative emails throughout the year. Although most communication will be made by email, each class has a mail slot in the waiting room.  Please make sure you give us an email address that you check daily/frequently.  It is your responsibility to check your emails on all dance days.

      Mailboxes: Parents are responsible for checking their child's class mailboxes for handouts.  We put out information frequently to keep you informed.  Please return all handouts to the correct mail slot so everyone can find their mail.

      Dress code: Our general student body is required to wear dance attire.  Please no t-shirts and shorts.  Please see class type description for specific requirements.  Hair should always be pulled away from the face, preferably in a bun. Please no distracting jewelry.

      Food and Drink: No gum, snacks or soft drinks on the studio floors.  Water bottles with lids are the only drinks allowed in the studios.  No candy in the studios.

      Please clean up any messes that you or your child makes in the studios, restrooms or waiting room.

      Homework room:  We have a homework room that should be used for students to do homework in a quiet atmosphere.  Please talk to your children about respecting this rule. 

      Behavior: Students must be respectful of the instructors, assistants and other students.

      Students are expected to be on time for classes.

      Students should use the restroom BEFORE class begins.  When one leaves the classroom, it starts a chain reaction that is disruptive to class.

      Disruptive behavior including excessive talking, threatening or jeering at other students, hitting, etc WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  Your child will be asked to leave immediately if this happens.

      PLEASE KEEP SIBLINGS OUT OF THE CLASSROOMS AND HALLWAY!  Siblings coming in and out of classes are a disruption.  Any one playing in the hallway is disruptive to dancers in the studios

      Do not leave siblings unattended at the studio. Parents are responsible for watching siblings at all times.

      Do not leave children unattended in the restroom.  

      Tuition is due the first week of every month.  Late fees will be added to all unpaid balances.  There is a $20 late fee for any returned check.  There is a 15% late fee on all accounts after 60 days.