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That's Dancing offers competitive and recreational classes for ages three and up. 


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Preschool Classes:   That’s Dancing is dedicated to making sure that our youngest dancers have fun. We teach proper technique while keeping an upbeat pace in all of our preschool classes. We strive to inspire the love of dance in all of our preschoolers. These classes are for 3-5 year olds (potty trained, please) and are 45 minutes long.  Some 2 and ˝ year olds are ready.  You would probably be the best judge.  The classes include a combination of tap, jazz and ballet. Any type of leotard and tights is acceptable. We use pink ballet shoes and black patent tap shoes. Boys wear gym type clothing with black ballet and black oxford tap shoes. Please, no distracting jewelry.  Please pull hair off of face, and avoid wearing anything that may be distracting in class.  See Fall Handout and Schedule for times.

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Recreational Classes: We offer many challenging classes for the recreational student. These classes are fun, yet structured, and include tap, jazz and ballet. Most classes are 1 or 1 1/2 hour(s), but we do offer some that are longer for older, more advanced students. Any color leotard and tights is acceptable. Pink ballet shoes, black jazz shoes (ages 8 and up—slip on type preferred), black patent or black split sole oxford tap shoes (lace up).  Please wear hair pulled away from face, preferably in a bun.  See Fall Handout and Schedule for times.

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High Performance Classes: We have a strong, yet fun competitive program at That’s Dancing. These classes are available for those students who choose dance as their primary activity, have a strong desire to learn, grow and compete as a dancer, are willing to practice and dedicate more time to classes, and who progress quickly. Our competitive students are also required to take ballet with our Ballet Director, Robin Heckman or guest teacher(s) from the Louisville Ballet. We normally attend 2-3 competitions each spring and may attend dance workshops throughout the year. Costumes, shoes, and general requirements are greater for these classes. Dress code is black leotard, suntan tights, black slip on jazz shoes, black oxford split sole tap shoes and pink split sole ballet shoes. Hair is to be pulled back away from face, preferably in a bun. Students with interest in High Performance classes should make the instructor(s) aware, and the instructor will recommend a class or best course of action for the student.  See Fall Handout and Schedule for times.

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Production Groups: That’s Dancing is very proud of its production groups. These fast paced, high-energy classes are for our more advanced students of different age levels and are by invitation only (sent out each spring). Many times parents ask us if their children can participate. Please understand that we cannot possibly invite all students to join the Production Teams. Invitations are mailed out to homes in mid-May and should be received by everyone no later than June 1st. If you have moved and did not update your information in the studio office, you may not receive your invitation. We ask that all families send back their RSVP’s before recital, and those we haven’t heard back from are called. PLEASE understand that we try to be fair about the invitation process and ask that you not be offended by our choices.  We love all of our students, but Production Teams are not appropriate for every student.  Our Production Groups include our Mini Minis, Mini, Junior, Senior Prep, and Senior Rockette Tap Teams, as well as a Jazz Competitors Program, a Ballet Production, and occasionally other productions. Please see “Production Group” handout for more detailed information.  See Fall Handout and Schedule for times.


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 Solos/Duets/Trios: With over 250 students, it is impossible for us to accommodate the needs of every student who wishes to take a solo/duet class.  Therefore, we utilize a waiting list for solos/duets and trios. Please see teacher or office manager to discuss solo/ duet/ trio schedule.

 These classes are normally competition classes, but can be for recital only.  They are usually 30 minutes once a week. You can do your dance at either recital or competition, not both. ALL SOLO/DUET STUDENTS MUST TAKE REGULAR TECHNIQUE CLASSES THROUGHOUT THE SUMMER AND THE FALL. NO EXCEPTIONS (because you focus on routines during your solo/duet class and you need to get the technique from your regular class). Solos/duets are always scheduled around our regular classes, so most of the time slots available are early afternoon.  These begin when music is selected and the instructor is ready to teach the routine.

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Tap  That's Dancing offers competitive and recreational classes for ages three and up.  Students learn more than tap.  They learn performance, skills, develop self esteem, practice discipline, teamwork, auditioning techniques and much, much more!  See Fall Handout and Schedule for times.

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Ballet Production    All students who wish to be in the 2009-2010 Ballet Production MUST enroll in one hour ballet classes year round.  The Production will begin sometime in January to perform in the June Recital.

Serious Ballet Intensive    These intensive workshops are for all students (9+) who are serious about dance.  It is an intensive workshop that lasts for two - three weeks, 3 days a week.  no one younger than 9 (without permission) should register for this class.  This is a must for our more serious ballet students and those interested in Pointe and Pre-Pointe.  These intensives DO make a difference!  Ms. Sharon and Ms. Robin are always very pleased at the improvement of the dancers who have taken these in the past.  Ballet is the basis for all great dancing, so think about taking it during the summer session!  This will be offered during the summer weeks.


A note from Robin Heckman:

It all starts with ballet…

 Dear Parents,

 As That’s Dancing’s Ballet instructor, I would like to speak to you regarding the importance of taking a ballet class in addition to your regular dance class.  As a child and teenager, I honestly hated going to ballet classes. It was tough, and to be honest, a little boring. However, my training turned out to be essential for my dance career.  The more I learned, the more I realized the benefits of ballet.

 Tap and jazz fundamentals are rooted in ballet. Poor ballet technique results in poor tap and jazz technique. My wish is that all of That’s Dancing’s students would add an extra ballet class to their schedules. If nothing else, to just try it to see how beneficial ballet is to their other classes.

 I am a retired soloist from the Louisville Ballet and enjoy working with That’s Dancing students on jazz, ballet, pointe and pre-pointe technique.  However, I would like to see many more students enroll; it would really improve flexibility, posture and poise. Even the three and four year olds need ballet. Good technique starts with good training at a young age, but it is never too late to start.

 Please strongly consider adding one of the ballet classes to your schedule. I know that all of the combination classes include a small amount of ballet along with tap and jazz, but 15-20 minutes of ballet isn’t enough to keep up with good technique. All of your instructors would love to see more of you take ballet!

 I really hope to see more of you signing up for classes. Check with Sharon or other staff members for class times and prices.

 Thank you,

Robin Heckman and teaching staff

“Ballet is the foundation of all dance” 

It’s true!  Our dancers are showing the benefits of ballet training - just look at our recent performances!  We are so glad that most of our dancers have realized just how important ballet is; not only in itself, but to all other styles of dance.  We offer more ballet classes than ever, so there has got to be one just for you!  We are proud to have wonderful teachers: our ballet director, Robin Heckman (retired from the Louisville Ballet) has brought together several teachers this year.  Including Janet French from Indianapolis, Kathleen from the Louisville Ballet, as well as several visiting guest teachers.

Unlimited Ballet: Once again, we are offering “unlimited ballet’ for our more serious students.  The price includes ALL the ballet classes you would like to take, including pointe and jazz technique.  Just add up the number of hours you could take each week (see list below) and you’ll see what a great deal this is. The cost is $120/month.  Unlimited ballet for our ‘ballet only’ students (those who do not take tap/jazz) is $163/month.  Unlimited ballet does not include Lyrical classes.

Competitive Students:  You are required to take a separate ballet class in addition to your regular tap/jazz class.

Ms. Robin has stressed that anyone wanting to take pointe/pre-pointe should be taking at least 3 hours of ballet a week.  Anyone in pointe shoes (or setting their goal for pointe shoes) should take advantage of unlimited ballet.

REMINDER:  If you'd like to audition for a main character part in Our 2009-2010 Ballet Production you must take at least one 1-hour ballet class/week.

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Performance Workshop (Jazz)    What a great time we have in this class!  This is our Jazz Production Team.  We offer a workshop in the summer and a class beginning with Fall classes.  You must also take a regular Tap/Jazz or Ballet class to take this class.  See Fall Handout and Schedule for times.

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That's Dancing offers Pointe classes approximately at age 13, depending on dedication and level of dance skill.  See Fall Handout and Schedule for times.





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See Fall Handout and Schedule for times.

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Misty Slavey will be teaching hip hop classes this fall.    These are sure to be a lot of fun.  See Fall Handout and Schedule for times.

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Turning    You asked for it!  Let's get together for 30 minutes and turn!  PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE.  We will work on turns, incorporating special technique from some of the world's best dancers!

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That's Dancing's Awesome Parents Show off!

Parents - are you ready to show your kids what you've got?!  Well, here is your chance.  This is a fun class and a chance for your to get out there and strut your stuff!  This class is for adults (Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) who want to learn how to tap dance and maybe even do a dance in our 2009-2010 Recital.  See the registration form and if you are a beginner, let us know.  We'll get a new class going!  Call the office to see when this class is offered.

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